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Vonda Skelton

I love the heart and the instruction of this post, DiAnn! Thank you for sharing the joys and expectations of being a mentor. Amen, sister!

Bonnie Rose Hudson

My writing mentor has been one of the most powerful forces in my writing journey and a dear friend. I cannot imagine where I would be without her.

Richard Mabry

DiAnn, thanks for this post. In addition to writing guidance, you provided something that I needed even more at a particular spot in my road to writing--you helped me make a career decision that turned out to be one of the best in my writing life (but over which I'd still be agonizing if you hadn't responded to my request for advice).
Thanks for what you and other mentors do.

J.A. Marx

Excellent post! You have been a fabulous mentor to me, too. I hope to pass on the tradition. Thanks DiAnn.

Henry McLaughlin

You've taught me all I know about being a mentor.
You've also trained me in how to be a good mentee, a skill that helps me work with every new student that comes to me.
Thanks for all you've done to make me the writer I am and the writer I continue to grow into.

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