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Richard Mabry

Jim, Great insight. This writing journey is tough enough without like-minded friends upon whom we can lean. And, from all I can tell, the fellowship of Christian authors is unique in publishing because there's no jealousy (well, at least, not much). Blessings on your road of writing.

Mary Albers Felkins

I can identify with your experience. My first attendance at Blue Ridge Christian Writer's conference (in fact, first ever) was last May and I was significantly blessed by the people. I was blessed by the willingness to give sound advice and encouragement and found it unrelated to individual degree of success.

Yes, I have found the writing process lonely at times. It often takes, yet, another rude awakening to disregard the cacophony of voices that shout aloud until I become quiet enough - again - to hear the Lord speaking to me, directing me along with this crazy gift of writing He's given me…to use for, what was it? Oh yea. HIS purposes.

Jim Davis

Richard -- I agree with you. The support among Christian authors is unique. From my limited experience, it does seem that folks are genuinely pleased with the success of other writers, whatever form the success may take. I wonder if it is because we see it not just as success for the writer, but another occasion where God is at work, and we are rejoicing in what He is doing in the Kingdom through us.

Mary -- Isn't it great when people further along in the writing journey are willing to help with advice? That was one of the best parts in attending.

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