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Joanne Sher

Love this! What a fabulous reminder of God's provision and the blessings from ustrusting Him.

Pete Bauer

That story captures perfectly the overall challenge God gives us.

He wants 100% of us and when we give him 57, he wants 58. He's like, do you have faith in me to be obedient if I ask you to go to a conference? (57%)

What about if I tell you to wait a year? Still have faith? (58%)

What about if you can't afford it? Still have faith? (59%)

What if you don't get a scholarship? Still have faith? (60%)

Okay, I am true to my word. You'll go, with scholarship. (61%)

Something similar happened to my daughter with an important test in college. Different details, but exact same path.

Great for you for keeping the faith! You're that much closer to 100%!

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