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Thanks Edie,

This is valuable information. At one time I had about five email accounts and needed to condense. So, I got it down to three! The signature on the one account I check and use every single day is 7 lines long: My name; city and state; my phone number; my three websites; and a scripture from the message Bible that says, "Strength is for service, not for status" from Romans 15:1.

But, after reading this post, I think I'll go ahead and add the same signature to my other two accounts, used almost never except for unique occasions, until they are phased out completely. Thanks!


electronic signatures

Some great tips in here! Thanks Edie!
I just recently changed my email signature and got some great comments from my dear friends.

telemarketing leads

There are several items and features an email signature should include. First, all of the lines in the email signature should be aligned to the left of the signature box. This includes any pictures or hyperlinks as well.

refinance leads

Have you noticed that email signatures are getting longer and longer? Really! Why? We have so much content to digest each day, why does your email signature need to be so detailed, that’s what your website and social media networks are for.

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